Air Pollution
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Ecological Sucession

Graphing Population Game Rules
1. Pick your favorite animal to track your population of it through a 20-year period.
2. Obtain a cup of 40 beans (beans=animal of choice), a die, and a penny.
3. Place 20 beans on your desk. This is the starting size of your population at year zero.
4. Make a data table that you feel will be useful to record the population of your animal over 20 years.
5. Roll the die and let it sit on your tabletop.
6. Flip the penny, if heads, conditions are favorable and the population size will increase by the number rolled with the die. If tails, the population size will decrease because conditions are unfavorable.
7. Continue rolling the die and flipping the penny until all animals are deceased or until you reach 20 years. (If need be, obtain more means from the teacher to continue the 20-year time limit).

Analysis Questions
1. Graph the number of individuals per year (on paper or excel).
2. What is a limiting factor?
3. List 3 limiting factors for population size.
4. What are 2 ways population size can increase?
5. What are 2 ways populations size can decrease?
6. What is carrying capacity? Give an example of carrying capacity.
7. Why is space a limiting factor?
8. List 2 factors of weather that can limit the size of a population.


Love Canal Tragedy

You will be placed in groups of 3. Below are the assigned groups and roles.
You must be able to openly discuss your question with the entire class. We will split up and travel to other groups to answer the remaining questions in this jigsaw activity. We will blog as a group on the class blog.
1- Leader (Keeps group on task, will assign other roles)
2- Writer (Types the answers to the questions)
3-Speaker (Will discus answers to their question)

Use the below link to fill in your answers for the class.
Period 7:

Period #5 Groups
Group a- Question 1
Dave , Josh. Alexis, Austin 1(L)
Group b- Question 2
1. Taylor (L), Joey3, Regan 2
Group c- Question 3 +5
1. Sabrina (L), Bree 2, Brandon 3
Group d- Question 4
1. Aaron (L), Ron 3, Mark 3
Period #7 Groups
Group a- Question 1

1. Kelsey (L), Nick, Ray

Group b- Question 2
1. Chelsea (L), Mat 3, Dmitriy 2
Group c- Question 3 + 5
1. Chaz (L), Dakota 3, Chase 2
Group d- Question 4
1. John (L), Steven 2, Mike 3

Yucca Mountains Debate

Visit the following website, a short video about the Yucca Mountain. The class will be splint into several groups, for and against this project. Each group needs to discuss 3 major points for their side of the story. Once you have them typed up please post your thoughts on the class blog. (Class blog is located under "About Miss Rowlands on the class website.)

Recycle City

Human Footprint- Interactive
I would like you to think about what you use, consume, and will discard in an average lifetime. Calculate this for every American and then for every person on Earth. DO you think this is even possible? Humans have left their mark on 83% of the Earth’s surface. What can we no do to reduce our environmental impact?

Today you will be visiting the following site:
You will maneuver though this website looking at each individual item assessed in the human footprint.

Garbology Lab
-Trash Collection lab, 2 day period

Waste Audit Article (Those who did not complete the lab will do a CE to make up their lost points)

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