Week 14
December 1 What is the difference between coniferous and deciduous trees?
December 2What are the two coldest biomes?

Week 15
December 5. When is your test on biomes/ecological succession?
December 6 Define degradation.
December 7 What did you do to study for today's test?
December 8 What qualifies an animal or plant to be endangered?
December 9 Define honesty.
Why is this term beneficial to our Glog assignment?

Week 16
December 12 What does the Endangered Species Act state?
December 13 Which biome does your endangered animal live in?
December 14 What is plankton and what animals eat it?
December 15 When does the 2nd marking period end (give a date)?
December 16 What is the cause of your species endangerment?

Week 17
December 20
December 21 NO CLASS
December 22 When does the 2nd marking period end (give a date)?
December 23
December 24 NO SCHOOL

December 25 NO SCHOOL
December 26 NO SCHOOL
December 27 NO SCHOOL
December 28 NO SCHOOL
December 29 NO SCHOOL
December 30 NO SCHOOL
December 31 NO SCHOOL
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