Week 15
December 5 What happens to your body when your internal temperature drops too low?
What happens when your body temperature is too high?
December 6
a)What do the following numbers mean:
Period # 1: 0, 3, 5, 4, 7?
Period #2: 0, 10, 5, 2, 0?
Period #4: 2, 11, 3, 2, 1?
b) What did you do to study for today's quiz?
(Work on vocab until everyone finishes the quiz.)
December 7 From the outside in, what are the parts of the bone?
December 8
a) List the 5 types of movable joints.
b) List an example for each type of movable joint.
December 9 What is the smallest and largest bones in the body?

Week 16
December 12 What is the purpose of cartilage? bursa? synovial fluid?
December 13 Do you have more bones as a baby or adult?
December 14 What did you do to study for today's quiz?
December 15 Vertebrae protect the spinal chord, the organ that sends
messages to and from the brain. Why do you think is is benificial
for vertebrae to have cartilaginous joints that limit movement?
December 16 When does the second marking period end (give a date)?

Week 17
December 19
a) What are the 3 types of muscle tissue?
b) What is actin and myosin?
December 20 What are the two types of mating rituals
(for the different types of penguins)?
December 21 What is the global concern of the ocean
(that is affecting the penguins)?
December 22 Would the factually correct ending to
Happy Feet be happy or sad? Explain.
December 23 NO SCHOOL

December 24 NO SCHOOL
December 25 NO SCHOOL
December 26 NO SCHOOL
December 27 NO SCHOOL
December 28 NO SCHOOL
December 29 NO SCHOOL
December 30 NO SCHOOL
December 31 NO SCHOOL-
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