Week 1
September 1 Besides science, where in everyday life do you see the metric system?
September 2 Metric Conversions (3 examples)
a) 325 mm to decameters
b) 6.3 meters to mm
c) 765 dam to hectometers

September 5 NO SCHOOL
September 6 Where is your genetic information stored?
September 7 What do your chromosomes look like?
September 8 What is DNA made up of?
September 9 What are chromosomes made up of?

Week 3
September 12 What stage will most cells be in at any one time?
September 13What type of cells does mitosis produce; haploid or diploid?
September 14
a) Which meiosis is most like mitosis; I or II?
b)What phase(s) does the nuclear membrane dissapear?
c) What phase(s) do homologous chromosomes line up on the equator?
September 15Why does meiosis occur and in what type of organisms does it occur in?
September 16 What do you call chromosomes that are not sex chromsomes?

Week 4
September 19 How many stages make up mitosis and what are they?
September 20 How do you describe the offspring compared to
the parent, that is asexually reproduced?
September 21 NO SCHOOL
September 22
a) What does "karyo" mean?
b)What sex chromosomes do males have? females have?
September 23 List one trait you have.

Week 5
September 26 What is a karyotype used for?
September 27 How did Mendel know yellow was the color in peas?
September 28 What can you say about Dd?
September 29
a)An offspring's genotype is the result of what?
b) Which is more dominant: green or yellow?
September 30
a) What do the symbols inside a punnet square represent?
b) What do the symbols outside a punnet square represent?
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