-Define the following terms: diploid, halpoid, homologous chromosome, meiosis, sperm, egg, zygote, sexual reproduction, crossing over, genetic recombination, nondisjunction
- Cell Cycle Checkpoints (G1, S, G2, G0)

- Meiosis Review

- Define the following terms: allele, dominant, fertilization, gamete, genetics, genotype, heredity, herterozygous, hybrid, law od independent assortment, law of segregation, phenotype, pollination, recessive, trait
-Probability Lab (Penny Flipping)

-Intro Genetics Worksheet (Dominant, Recessive, Meiosis Review)

DNA and Genes
- Define the following terms: DNA repliaction, double helix, nitrogen base, codon, messenger RNA, ribosomal RNA, trasncription, transfer RNA, translation, cromosomal muation, frameshift mutation, mutagen, muation, point mutation

Cracking the Code of Life (Movie)

Human Body

Bone Labeling Interactive: There are two activities found at the top of the page (one is drag and drop, where the other has a list to choose from).

Skeletal System Practice
You will be able to build on this later in this unit (organs, muscles, nervous system). You will find descriptions of the bones and be able to put them where they belong.

Cumulative Review of the Body

Skeletal System Extra Credit
List up to 15 things you did not know about the human body and I will give you a half point for each of them toward your bones quiz. In order for you to get credit, you will need to post the 15 facts on my blog at

Muscle contraction mini lab
Watch the following short video so see how your muscles work.
Following the video read the instructions on Page 937 Mini Lab. Answer questions 1 and 2 on a sheet of paper in your notes. Be prepared to show Miss Rowlands.

Working Muscles
Find a partner and complete the following activity. You will need a few items to complete this.

Heart Transplant-
National Geographic
Explore the overview of the heart, the pumping action, inside the heart, and the anatomy. I have provided you with a few notes about the processes.

Case of the Ailing Heart-
Here you will find and interactive simulation of an agent who may have heart trouble. Actively read, take notes, and follow the simulation to see what's wrong with the agent. Quiz questions may come from any or all of the internet activities.

Use the link below to complete the following tasks.
1) Read each task completely and copy down the explanation for each of the 20 tests in your notebook.
ie. Test one: Optical Illusions
2) Conclude on the blog your thoughts and feeling about this activity. Answer the following questions on the blog:
a) How many questions did you answer correctly?
b) Was it difficult or easy?
c)Do you think you could fool others with this task? If so, how?

Labeling the Brain
Here is a link for a 3-D interactive brain to help you label 5-23.

Nervous System
Visit the following website. We will split into 5 groups (baby brain, child's brain, teenage brain, adult brain, and aging brain). You will be creating a detailed online poster for your topic for your group.
Day 1 (Friday)- Research ... You will read the website and watch the videos for your chapter. Make sure you come up with an outline format/page set up for the poster.
Day 2 (Monday)-Begin Project
Day 3 (Tuesday)- Eye Dissection
Day4 (Wednesday)- Wrap up
Day 5 (Thursday)- Quiz
Day 6 (Friday)- Present

**Ruben Allen (sb6cm8c**)
**Jon Baptisite (sbkngfh**
**Jenn Bortz (s2mfza7)**
**Brittany Cammareri (sbkqocr**)
**Chris Carrol (sc6t27a)**
**Olivia Chirstensen (sdsqf8b**
**Jasmine Feller (sdxjnsu)**
**Brittnie Henning (seuzq3c**
**Brandon Kline (sg6gxws)**
**Holly Knipple (sf4a4qm)**
**Brianna Lauth (sf4xxjz**
**Brandon Poole (sfgvkaz**
**Trish Ruch (sfjyqwd)**

**Sara Tompkins (sfzpaoa)**
**Kayla Sharwell (sfuqwz5)**
**Genna Snyder (sgtykj4**
**Cody Walck (sewf6qe)**
**Kali Weller (sg3rcwv)**

Cow Eyeball Dissection

Immune System
Read the overview about the immune system at , after you have done that click to play The Immune System Defender. When playing this game you will try to get rid of the bacteria that could cause an infection. Go to the mission briefing. In you notebook jot down what your mission is. Read what forces you have to defend yourself during the mission. To be able to play the game you need to know what each type of cell does. Please refer to the website or your notes at any point. Once you have completed the game please write down your high score.

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