Cellular transport
Passive Transport

Active transport

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Photosynthesis Interactive

Photosynthesis (Water Weed)

Begin to review for the test by playing this review Jeopardy game.

Elodea Virtual Lab

Extra Credit Current Event

Cell Cycle

Mitosis Placement Activity
Make sure you drag the correct picture to its proper stage.

Go to the following website: http://www.biology.arizona.edu/cell_bio/activities/cell_cycle/cell_cycle.html
DO NOT write the questions. Simply in your notebook write 1. followed by the answer. You should be able to complete today at least numbers 1-9
Online Onion Root Tip

To determine the amount of time a cell spends in the different phases of the cell cycle.
1. Connect to the Internet by opening up internet explorer
2. Type in http://www.biology.arizona.edu/cell_bio/activities/cell_cycle/cell_cycle.html
3. Answer the questions that following using the website.

1. How is growth in an organism controlled?
2. Why do roots in plants grow?
3. Why do we study the cell cycle in the tips of roots?
4. Explain how root tips are prepared for viewing.
5. Why is the cell cycle called a cycle?
4. Click on Next
6. Name the five major phases that the cell cycle is divided into.
7. What is the major difference between interphase and prophase?
8. What is the major difference between metaphase and anaphase?
9. What happens in telophase?
10. What follows telophase?
5. Click on Next
6. Draw your data table in the space below.
7. Look at the cell on the left side. Determine what phase it belongs to and click on the name of the
phase. Repeat this until you have finished all of the cells.
8. Fill in the data table you created above.
Percent of Cells = # of cells in phase
Total # of cells
9. Make a bar graph to represent the percent of time a cell spends in each of the phases. Don’t forget
to title the graph and label both of the axis.
11. In which phase did the cells spend the most time?
12. In which phase did the cells spend the least time?
13. Do cells spend more time in:
i. metaphase or prophase?
ii. Prophase or anaphase?
iii. Metaphase or telophase
iv. Interphase or prophase?
v. Anaphase or telophase?
14. How much more times does a cell spend in:
i. interphase than prophase?
ii. Prophase than metaphase?
iii. Metaphase than anaphase?
iv. Anaphase than telophase?
v. Interphase than telophase?
15. How many more cells where in:
i. interphase than prophase?
ii. Interphase athan telophase?
iii. Metaphase than anaphase?
16. What percentage of the time does a cell spend in interpahse? Explain why.
Conclusion: (5 to 8 sentences summarizing what you have learned)


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