Week 30
April 1 NO DRILL

Week 31
April 4 In the removal of the abandoned boat;
a)why was it necessary to not hurt the trees?
b)what was the worst thing that could have happened?
c)what type of tress were in the movie, and what makes them unique?
April 5 Do you think being in the business of solid waste disposal a lucrative job? Explain.
(If you do not know what lucrative means, you should look it up.)
April 6 If we put a ban on producing plastic products, how would this impact our waste disposal issues?
April 7 What did you do to prepare for today's test?
April 8 NO DRILL - Have your binder and drills ready!

Week 32
April 10 What is an estuary? Give an example?
April 11 What is brackish water? What kind of animals live in this water?
April 12 What types of habitats are found in estuaries? List a minimum of 3.
April 13 What is a secchi disk used for?

Week 33
April 16 What is the purpose of monitoring our water quality?
April 17 a)What does "EPA" stand for? What does this organization do?
April 18 How does the phrase, "The best of both worlds", relate to an estuary?
April 19 What type of environment to mangrove trees live in?
April 20 What controls our tides?

Week 34
April 23 List the 4 natural disturbances that happen in estuaries?
April 24 What 2 factors damage coral reefs?
April 25 List two ways the animals in the ocean are threatened?
April 26
April 27
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