Continue on last weeks drills.
Week 31
April 2 What is the difference between farsighted and nearsighted?
April 3 What did you do to study for today's quiz?
April 4 What do you do to maintain a healthy immune system?

Week 32
April 10 Do you believe in "The Theory of Evolution?
April 11 Approximately how old is the planet Earth?
April 12 Describe the Law of Superposition.
April 13 Explain the Continental Drift Theory.

These drills should be combined with last week.
Week 33
April16 What was so important about Darwin's book, "The Origin of the Species"?
April 17 What is a variation of a trait, that helps an animal to be more
suited for their environment called?

Week 34
April 23 What does "survival of the fittest" mean?
(Explain clearly).
April 24 Define "archipelago".
April 25 What will determine whether the cross
between a marine and land iguana will survive?
April 26What is unique about the Galápagos
April 27 What is a "hybrid" species?

Ignore these drills from last year...
April 10 List the 5 ways humans can get an infectious disease.
April 11 What is another term for a white blood cell?
April 12 NO SCHOOL

Week 34
April 25 NO SCHOOL
April 26 What causes AIDs?
April 27 Define allergy.
April 28 Knowing what you do now about the immune system,
what do you think the role of a "Memory Cell" is?
April 29 What did you do to study for today's quiz?
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