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The main purpose of this space is to provide my students with a resource to help aid them in exploring their course of study further. Also, this space will allow students who are absent to make up missed work by clicking on the "assignment" and "WOAV warm ups" links to the left.Additional links, pds'f, and any other additional information can be found here. I hope both parents and students find this site helpful as the school year progresses.

Environmental Science- This course emphasizes a conceptual understanding of natural systems and he three foundations of environmental education; Relevance of ecology and biology to occupational areas and students every day lives; Respect for the environment in which they live; and a Responsibility to make decisions that will help protect the earth for themselves and future generations. Content cover includes basic principles of ecological and biological science, living and non-living environmental factors, habitats, and population dynamics.

Biology - This course provides a background in the fundamental principals of Biology, with applications to every day life. This course is designed to be a highly interactive and hands on experience. Topics covered but not limited to- the scientific method, chemistry of life, cell biology, photosynthesis/respiration, genetics and inheritance, evolution, DNA, and genetics. After completing this course students will take the state's Keystone Exam in Biology.
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Field Biology- (Prerequisites: Biology and Chemistry or Environmental Science)This upper level biology course emphasizes the interrelationships between humans and their environments. The main units of study include Forestry, Soil Science, Wildlife Science and Aquatic Biology. Additionally, the state provides a major unit for the course which changes annually and gives students a chance to investigate a topic in greater depth. The course is defined by the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards and content focuses on the ecosystems found in Pennsylvania, as well as local ecological concerns. Students who successfully complete this course will be able to make informed decisions as homeowners and landowners, hunters, fishermen and voters in the state of Pennsylvania.

* All courses are aligned to PA Academic Standards.

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